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Companies such as Google and Facebook, etc. work with behavioral scientists in order to increase employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

Insights from behavioral economics have been applied to the workplace in a wide-range of areas, such as:

  • reducing bias in the hiring process

  • helping to build trust

  • increasing group collaboration

  • nudging good employee health and well-being (nutrition, hand washing, safety practices, etc.)

  • designing productive work environments

  • improving adherence to rules or protocols

  • setting goals and receiving meaningful feedback

  • improving learning and development

  • designing compensation plans (including bonuses, perks & incentives)

  • increasing employee engagement and motivation

  • transforming company culture

You can check out this podcast from the BBC, featuring Octavius Black (CEO and co-founder of MindGym), David Halpern (CEO, The Behavioural Insights Team), and Kim Atherton (Chief People Officer, Ovo Energy and CEO and founder of Just3Things), that discusses how behavioural science can be applied in the workplace.

The Bottom Line

Behavioural science in the workplace


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