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The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) was originally set up within the UK government and became the world's first so-called "nudge unit". Now a social purpose organization, the BIT "generates and applies behavioral insights to inform policy, improve public services, and deliver results for citizens and society."

The BIT developed the EAST framework in early 2012, as a simplified version of MINDSPACE.

The principles from EAST are:

Make it Easy

By using defaults, reducing hassles and the effort needed to perform an action, and by simplifying messages.

Make it Attractive

By attracting attention (through the use of colors, images, personalization) and designing rewards / sanctions for greater effect.

Make it Social

By showing that most people perform the targeted behavior, using networks, and encouraging people to make commitments to others.

Make it Timely

By prompting people when they are likely to be most receptive, considering immediate costs and benefits, and helping people plan their response to events.

The EAST Executive Summary provides further details and examples and can be found here:

In 2019 the BIT also published EAST for Health & Safety: Applying behavioural insights to make workplaces safer. Using the same principles are the original framework, this report focuses on making the workplace safer.

It can be found here:


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